You’re Going To Love These Predictions About Colorado’s Mild Upcoming Winter

Last weekend, we took my son to a birthday party at a local splash pad. When my friend’s originally booked the park for mid-August, they figured a 6 p.m. party would be plenty warm, as late summers in Colorado tend to be the hottest time of the year. Well, just like the rest of this crazy and stormy month, the party was cold and wet (and not from the pools), which got me thinking about how cold and miserable this winter is going to be. This thought came at the perfect time, as the Farmers’ Almanac just released their winter forecast and this surprising prediction:

“Depending on where you are in North America, you’ll either be donning shorts or shovels as we embark on The Cold, The Dry, The Wet & The Wild Winter Weather,” warns the Farmers’ Almanac, going on to give this exciting prediction: Colorado should expect “Cold, Moderate Snowfall — Not as Harsh as Usual.” Seeing as though Colorado manages to look even more stunning under a blanket of white snow, we here at Only in Colorado can totally get on board with this awesome prediction — especially with the east coast receiving forecasts like “Cold, Snowy” and “Chilly, Wet.” Just how accurate are the Farmers’ predictions? As per the Farmers’ Almanac website, “Since 1792, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been known for its traditionally 80 percent accurate forecasts.”

Say not more, Farmers’ Almanac; say no more.