This Up Close Footage Of A Colorado Tornado Is Practically Heart-Stopping

When most people see a tornado coming, they head for shelter…or at least as far away from this potentially deadly weather phenomenon. For Storm Chasers, the exact opposite is true. When the weather sirens scream or the newscasters advise caution, these brave (and slightly crazy) souls jump into their cars and head straight for the center of the action. These Colorado Storm Chasers got a little bit too close for comfort (at least for us!), but it resulted in some truly amazing footage of a tornado near Wray in a way you never have seen before (or at least, we hope you haven’t!)

Check out this unbelievably up-close-and-personal look at a tornado forming and building strength…it truly is a one-of-a-kind sight!

We hope we never see such a dangerous storm from this perspective, but we love that there are brave men and women out there who are more than happy to chase that adrenaline rush and get the best shot possible!

This video was shared on YouTube by AccuWeather. To see more amazing storm footage like this from across the country, check out their channel!

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