Do the words Casa Bonita give you indigestion? Does the acronym CSAP make you want to play hooky? What about the name Dealin’ Doug (you just pictured him flying through the air with his Superman cape and gaudy rings, didn’t you)? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are most definitely a Coloradoan and will fully appreciate this list of words and terms that you’ll only hear in the Centennial State.

And last (but certainly not least):

12.) Dealin’ Doug – When it comes to buying cars, nobody beats a Dealin’ Doug deal, nobody (but on the off chance that someone does, his grandson will give you a car). Coloradoans also know they have a friend in the diamond business with Tom Shane, that Big Mike Naughton is Ford, and that Frank Azar is the strong arm.

13.) UNC – Anyone who thinks that UNC stands for the University of North Carolina (and not the University of Northern Colorado) can go eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster.

I have a feeling I’m forgetting some important words and terms so tell me, what did I miss? What are your favorite Colorado words and terms?


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