You May Not Like These Projections Coming Out About Colorado’s Population Growth

If you are a native Coloradan, you are guaranteed to feel very strongly about transplants (you don’t like ’em), the population spike (it makes you ill), and the huge increase in traffic over the last few years (HATE). Do you hope and pray that the popularity of Colorado will one day fizzle out and that the population growth will slow it’s roll? Well, keep dreaming, dreamer, because according to the Denver Post, the population of Colorado is going to continue to skyrocket:

According to Denver Post reporter Aldo Svaldi, “Northern Colorado and the Western Slope will claim larger shares of Colorado’s population as the state adds 3 million new residents over the next three and a half decades,” adding that Denver, the Eastern Plains, and most of the Front Range will also see an increase of at LEAST 37.4%. To read more about the research on this graph and the report’s findings, please refer to the Denver Post’s What Colorado regions will grow fastest through 2050? The answer is not metro Denver.

What are your thoughts on these projections? Do they make you want to move?!