A Massive Blizzard Blanketed Colorado In Snow In 1997 And It Will Never Be Forgotten

When it comes to epic and memorable snowstorms, Colorado has seen its fair share (which is hard to believe with as unseasonably warm as it has been). One that sticks out in particular, however, is one that most everyone who was around during the fall of 1997 will remember:

Described by the National Weather Service as “one of the worst and deadliest blizzards of the decade,” the massive snowstorm that hit Colorado on October 24th and 25th of 1997 is one that brought a whopping 2 feet of snow and cost not only millions of dollars in repair, but 4 lives as well. What began in eastern Colorado soon made its way west, bringing with it not only heavy snow, but violent 60 mph winds as well, which in turn closed down highways, businesses, and DIA. It was truly the storm of the century, which can be seen by this home video uploaded by YouTube user Brian Karjala:

What do you remember most from this unprecedented fall storm? Share your memories in the comments.