19 Questions You Can Only Answer If You’re From Colorado

I think it’s safe to say that when you live in Colorado, you know certain things and can answer certain questions better than anyone else. For instance:

1. Where was the cheeseburger invented?

2. What’s in a Rocky Mountain Oyster?

3. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a demonic blue horse standing guard over DIA?

4. On which street do most “ladies of the night” work?

5. At what temperature can I ditch this coat?

6. If green means go and red means stop, what does yellow mean?

7. Who beats a Dealin’ Doug deal?

8. Where do I go to get the best fireworks?

9. Alferd Packer did what?!

10. Who or what is PFM?

11. Which is better: dogs or cats?

12. Who’s your friend in the diamond business?

13. And where is Shane Company located?

14. Coors or Bud?

15. What is the sparkly substance on the Capitol dome?

16. What is happening in this picture?

17. What kind of “meat” is inside that Casa Bonita taco?

18. Is South Park a real place?

19. Finally, what is it like to live in the greatest state EVER?!

What are some other questions that only a Coloradoan could answer?

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