Not Many People Realize This Incredible Palace Is Hiding In Colorado

When you see the word “palace,” what first comes to mind? An extravagant Taj Mahal-type building? Maybe Princess Jasmine’s home in Aladdin? The Mitchell (South Dakota) Corn Palace? For me, it is this unique and historic Colorado palace that you may not have even known existed:

Located inside of Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace is said to be the largest cliff dwelling in the country! Built by Ancestral Puebloans between 1190 CE and 1260 CE, Cliff Palace was designed amidst a steep cliff in order to protect the locals from inclement weather, enemy tribles, and even native wildlife. Because of a devastating drought and lack of food, the cliffs were abandoned in 1300 and remained forgotten until local farmers stumbled upon the sandstone, mortar and wooden dwellings in 1888. Today, Cliff Palace and the other 52,485 acres of Mesa Verde National Park can be seen either with a knowledgable tour guide (which we recommend) or on your own by visiting this designated World Heritage Site and U.S. National Register of Historic Places listee.

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