This Haunted Forest In Colorado Is Sure To Give You Nightmares

Located to the northeast of Colorado Springs is a small and picturesque area that makes you think you have left the Front Range for a quaint and wooded mountain town. What you may not realize about the area, however, are the dark legends that surround it and terrify its nearly 14,000 residents. The place that I am referring to is, of course, Black Forest.

The legend of the Black Forest haunting begins back in 1991, when Steve and Beth Lee purchased the secluded dream home that they’d been renting. Before the ink had even dried on the contract, the Lee family began to experience nothing short of a living hell: the couple would hear unexplainable noises while trying to sleep (including chains, loud orchestra music, footsteps, and more), smelled unbearable chemical-like fumes around the house, and saw several flashing lights. After installing an expensive state-of-the-art security system and draining the family’s bank account in order to hire private investigators, the Lee’s reached out to the television show Sightings to see if they could determine the cause of these spooky occurrences.

Upon arriving to the home, Sightings producers, ghost busters, and mediums were able to determine that there were multiple spirits in the house, lead by a male ghost who considered the home to be his. During filming, several other weird occurrences happened, including the sightings of different orbs and shadows on film, a camera being violently knocked off its tripod, and strange thumping noises. As if that wasn’t scary enough, both Beth Lee and one of the show’s crew members were overtaken by a spirit during filming, with the crew member shown violently crying on the ground while complaining of numbness and the feeling of something entering her.

Six months later, show producers returned to visit the Lee’s in their Black Forest home and, with the help a new psychic, determined that one of the spirits in the home was that of a Howard; the son of one of the Lee family friends who had died years prior. The psychic determined that Howard may have entered a “rift in space-time” in an attempt to tell his (still living) father that he didn’t die of a drug overdose, but by murder. Further investigations also revealed that the closet in the master bedroom appeared to be some sort of a vortex to the other side and that the 100-some-year-old mirror showed the faces of those using the closet gateway.

Watch this short video to see the hauntings for yourself:

What do you think: Is Black Forest haunted or is there an explanation to these seemingly paranormal occurrences?

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