Here Is Why Colorado Has Been Experiencing Record Amounts Of Avalanches This Year

If you live in the mountains or visit them often, you already know that avalanches are a real danger that can strike at nearly any moment. While the risk of snow racing down a mountainside has occurred as long as most of us can remember, 2019 has seen more than avalanches than ever before… and here is why:

Don’t have time to take the Know Before You Go avalanche awareness class before your next trip? Another way to stay safe is to come prepared with extra equipment (like probes and shovels) and – if you do get caught in a snow-slide – to get ready to “swim” through the snow and to try to grab a tree or something else sturdy on your way down.

Sadly, avalanches are not the only thing you have to worry about in the Centennial State, as these 11 Terrifying Things In Colorado That Can (And Just Might) Kill You.

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