Most People Don’t Know This Swimming Hole In Colorado Even Exists

Summers in Colorado are best spent finding new and exciting swimming holes to cool off in. Durango may not be known for its swimming holes, but it’s because they’re often only known by locals. There’s an incredible secret swimming hole that might just be the best swimming hole in Colorado, and you need to check it out: Adrenaline Falls in Durango, Colorado will blow your mind. If you do plan on visiting, please remember to respect the area and leave no trace of your adventure.

Watch the video below to learn more about Adrenaline Falls by Youtube user Chappy:


Adrenaline Falls in Durango, Colorado is perhaps the best swimming hole in Colorado. You’re going to love it!

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Address: Adrenaline Falls, Durango, CO 81301, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Swimming hole in Colorado

May 08, 2022

When is the best time of year to visit Adrenaline Falls in Durango, Colorado?

If you’re hoping to swim or cliff dive at Adrenaline Falls, you’ll want to visit in the summer. The water is quite cold even in the summertime, but you likely won’t want to swim at all in the spring or fall. However, this is a great hike at any time of year as the falls are spectacular. The falls will be flowing most heavily in the spring as the snow melts, so that’s a great time of year to go.

Where should I stay when visiting Adrenaline Falls?

There are dozens of campgrounds in this area for you to try; most are operated by the Bureau of Land Management and you can reserve them on On the other hand, if you would rather stay in a hotel or vacation rental, there are plenty of those available in nearby Telluride, Silverton, or Durango. Purgatory Ski Resort is also an option that is very close by.

What else is there to do in this area?

There are so many different things to do and see in this part of Colorado! Most of the small towns in this area have been around since the mining boom of the 1800s; simply strolling along their streets will take you deep into the past. You can find hot springs in nearby Ouray if you want to soak. Visit Telluride for great food and ski culture. The Durango-Silverton Railroad is a popular attraction nearby as well – take a ride!

Address: Adrenaline Falls, Durango, CO 81301, USA