You don’t have to travel overseas or to an exotic locale to enjoy a bucket-list-worthy beach vacation in the United States; our country is full of superlative sandy surf and shores, from sea to shining sea. Caladesi Island, Hilton Head Island, Currituck, Half Moon Bay, Laguna Beach, Lake Tahoe; these are all well-known beach towns for a classic coastal getaway. But guess what? These headliners are just the beginning of the beautiful, bucket-list-worthy beachside destinations in the country. And today we’re going to share some of the best beach towns in the U.S. that you probably didn’t know about.

Best West Coast Beach Towns In America

For those who live on the west coast, there’s the saying, “The west coast is the best coast.” With mild summers and winters, beautiful weather, and gorgeous sandy beaches in many areas of the west coast, it’s a wonderful part of the country to enjoy a beach vacation year-round. Here are some of the best west coast beach towns in America:


Best East Coast Beach Towns In America

East Coast beaches are abundant. With 2,000 miles of coastline that includes a variety of beaches including flat and sandy to beaches with tall sand dunes, rocky shorelines, tidepools, and more. There is a wide variety of beach towns and cities on the east coast as well. Here are the best east coast beach towns in America:

Best Great Lakes Beach Towns In The U.S.

While we all seem to believe that the best beaches in the U.S. are along the East or West Coast, that’s not always the case. There are numerous incredible beaches in the landlocked states, and some of the best are near or on the Great Lakes. Here are some of the best Great Lakes beach towns in the U.S.:


Best Gulf Coast Beach Towns In The U.S.

The Gulf Coast encompasses around 1,600 miles of shoreline between five states. And some of the beaches and beach towns here are just wonderful! Here are some of the best Gulf Coast towns in the U.S. you may want to visit or consider moving to:

Craving surf and sand? Skip the well-known (and, well, crowded) locales and instead plan an adventure at one of the country’s myriad best, most beautiful, and under-the-radar beach towns.

So, what’s your favorite beach town? Would you agree that these are some of the best beach towns in the U.S.? Let us know!

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Best Beaches In The U.S.

Where is the best beach town to vacation in the U.S.?

If you ask several people what the best beach town to vacation in the U.S. is, there’d be quite a few different answers. However, St. George Island, Florida may have the top spot. This town is home to one of the top-rated beaches in the country, St. George Island State Park Beach. This barrier island beach along the Sunshine State's Gulf Shores boasts clear and pristine water, stunning white sand, and unspoiled beauty making it an ideal spot for a relaxing vacation.

Where is the best place to live by the beach?

Living by the beach is a dream come true for many. Here are some of the best places to live by the beach in the U.S.:

  • Encinitas, California: Located in San Diego County, you’ll find 6 miles of coast plus gorgeous beaches, shops, plenty of dining options, and the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas.
  • Manhattan Beach, California: I used to live here and can attest to the fact that it's an excellent place to live. With a gorgeous beach to play beach volleyball on or sunbathe, a bike path running alongside the beach, and an array of boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops, it's beach living at its finest.
  • Key Biscayne, Florida: Gorgeous scenery, a historic lighthouse, and a picturesque state park are only the beginning of what you can experience living in Key Biscayne. This paradise near Miami also offers shops, restaurants, and a laid-back feel.


Where is the cheapest beach town in the U.S.? 

Living by the beach doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are several affordable beach towns around the country to check out. One of the least expensive beach towns in the U.S. is Port Arthur, Texas. With housing prices well below the national average, you may be able to afford a slice of beachy paradise.