This Tiny Shop In Arkansas Serves A Pastrami Sandwich To Die For

What’s your favorite sandwich? Is it the classic BLT, or a turkey club, or how about a fried bologna? Regardless of what you like, it takes skills to craft a really great sandwich. You need to make sure the bread to meat to cheese ratio is perfect. And sometimes we miss the mark, but luckily, there is a tiny sandwich shop in Cabot Arkansas that crafts the best sandwiches in the state. And the yummy hearty, pastrami sandwich is to die for.

So, is your mouth watering for one of the handcrafted creations from Pea Farm Bistro? Visit the Facebook page to see a full menu of all the delicious sandwiches.

And the next time you’re in Cabot, you must visit this incredible family-owned farm for some fresh produce. 

Address: Pea Farm Bistro, 1102 S Pine St #3, Cabot, AR 72023, USA