There’s A Small Town In Arkansas Known For Its Truly Epic Burgers

The best restaurants are hidden in small towns that we have never heard of. Arkansas is filled with many of these eateries that are in the middle of nowhere. And there is one small town that is known for the best burger in the state. If you have never been to Emerson or heard of it, then allow me to give you one reason that you must visit.

One thing is for sure, you’ll not leave Smokin’ Bull hungry. Ain’t nothing tiny about the food served in this eatery located in the “Biggest Little Town in Arkansas.’ The burgers are both mouthwatering and EPIC!!! 

Have you been to Smokin’ Bull in Emerson? If not, do yourself a favor and plan a trip to try the most delicious burger in our state.

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Address: The Smokin' Bull, 306 S Elm St, Emerson, AR 71740, USA