The Most Unique Castle In Arkansas Will Make You Want To Visit Right Away

Once upon a time there was an incredibly unique and talented woman named Elise Quigley. She decided that nothing in the world would be better than living among plants, in a castle made from unique stonework and brimming with charm and quirkiness. She wanted her castle to be the only one of its kind. You see, Elise Quigley wasn’t a princess, she was a visionary who made her dream a reality with decades of hard work and dedication to the cause of having the most splendid castle in the whole of the Natural State. Though Elise Quigley has since passed on, her labor of love remains. It’s called Quigley’s Castle, and it will open for the season this March. There is a small fee to tour this exceptional place, but it’s totally worth it.

Quigley’s Castle is located at 274 Quigley Castle Road in Eureka Springs. You can find directions here.

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