14 Sure-Fire Ways To Make An Arkansan Mad

I’m aware that it’s going to make some of y’all mad that this title says “Arkansan” instead of “Arkansawyer,” but we’re going to keep having that small disagreement. I’m just following the style of most modern publications, and I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me someday. I think I’ve got an idea about how we can come together, though. How about we spend today discussing all the things that make us mad when outsiders do them? I’ll admit, this particular list is personal. I travel some for school, and I’ve got friends from all over because I’m a writer and well…y’all wouldn’t believe the things I’ve heard about Arkansas. Here’s a list of 14 of those horrors that I wish some folks had learned about before they chose to talk to me. (Y’all feel free to add to more in the comments.)

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