There’s A Monastery Hidden In Arkansas And You’ll Want To Visit

Monasteries aren’t something you’d normally associate with Arkansas. However, there are actually a few beautiful monasteries in Arkansas – and Subiaco Abbey is one of them! Boasting great architecture and landscaped grounds, it’s stunning! Luckily, it’s open to the public for tours, so you can see it for yourself.

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to pay a visit to Subiaco Abbey? Remember to call before your visit to make sure there are no events going on. For more information, call (479) 934-1001. You can also visit the Subiaco Abbey website or Facebook page.

So, did you know about this beautiful monastery in Arkansas? Ever visited? If so, what’d you think? Tell us!

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Address: 405 N Subiaco Ave, Subiaco, AR 72865, USA