Few People Know This Charming Small Town In Arkansas Is The Halfway Point On The Scenic 7 Byway

Arkansas has got lots of charming small towns. Most, though, are pretty remote and not conveniently located. However, that’s not always the case. Take Morrilton, for example. As the halfway point of Arkansas’ first scenic byway, it’s an easily accessible detour and a great day trip destination.


From its scenic locale to its abundance of sites and attractions, Morrilton really is a small city with NO limits! For more info on this charming town, check out the City of Morrilton website. And make sure to like the City of Morrilton Facebook page, so you can stay up-to-date on town happenings. To learn more about the Scenic 7 Byway, check out the Arkansas DOT website.

Scenic 7 Byway is just one of the scenic routes in Arkansas. There are actually quite a few more, including these beautiful backroads.

Address: Morrilton, AR 72110, USA