Five Different Planets Will Align In The Arkansas Night Sky During An Incredibly Rare Display

Calling all astronomy enthusiasts in Arkansas!!! Get your camera lenses ready for the most epic show on our beautiful planet. Beginning on June 3, you’ll witness five different planets align in the sky. And this incredibly rare display of planetary alignment will be the most exciting phenomenon for sky watchers near and far. So, Arkansas, get ready to view the most spectacular cosmic show as these planets light up our morning skies.

If you have not yet witnessed this epic planetary event, have no worries, you have until the end of June to view these planets.

Did you know about this conjunction happening in the skies above? If so, have you taken images of this incredibly rare planetary display? Share them with us in the comments below.

 And if you’re a star gazer and searching for the best place to admire the heavens in Arkansas, this is the perfect location for you.