The One Enchanting Place In Arkansas That Must Go On Your Bucket List Immediately

Arkansas is an enchanting state. There’s no doubt about it, the Natural State definitely earns its nickname; we’re all natural wonder all the time. There are so many enchanting places in Arkansas, it can be extremely challenging to sort them all into a comprehensive bucket list. Luckily, though, your friendly local Arkansas writer is keeping a running list of every place you absolutely have to see before you die. If you printed out all of the Arkansas bucket lists on, you’d have a good start on activities that will last you the rest of your life. But wait! Stop the presses! (Or, you know, printer.) You’ve absolutely got to add one more place to your Arkansas bucket list.

That place is called Petit Jean Mountain. In addition to being a stunning part of the Central Arkansas region, Petit Jean is also home to the oldest state park in Arkansas, the one responsible for the initial creation of Natural State’s state park system. There are so many intensely beautiful spots, it may just be the most enchanting place anywhere.

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