Nobody Knows The Truth Behind This Eerie Phenomenon Happening In Arkansas

The Gurdon Light has been puzzling and enthralling residents of Gurdon, Arkansas for years. It’s one of the strangest phenomena in the state, and definitely one of the creepiest.

Any local in Gurdon can tell you about the unusual Gurdon Light. It is said to be a bobbling, floating white-blue light that glides through the trees near some railroad tracks, just off Interstate 30. The Gurdon Light is different from other similar “floating lights” because it is reported to always be present, but only visible at night or on extremely overcast days.

Legends abound regarding the origin of the light. Some say that it’s the lantern of an old railroad worker who fell across the tracks and was killed, or the light of a local laborer who was slain in a fight on the railroad tracks.

Science has weighed in as well. The light could actually be the result of something called piezoelectricity. This force is created when particular ceramics and crystals are bent or compressed. Underground quartz crystals in the area may be under great stress and occasionally emit the eerie glow as a result.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Of course, no scientific explanation can make this phenomenon seem any less mystical and eerie. If you want to try and spot these lights for yourself, head to Gurdon and bring your camera.

The easiest way to get to the tracks is to head about 75 miles south of Little Rock down Interstate 30 and pull over at the railroad tracks. You’ll need to walk down the tracks for about two miles and cross four bridges in the process.