The One-Of-A-Kind Arkansas Hotel That People Can’t Stop Raving About

If you look up the Burgundy Hotel on Yelp, you’ll see that a great many people write incredibly glowing reviews about it, which speaks highly of its quality. You see, the people most likely to write reviews online are those who have had a bad experience. The reviews of the Burgundy Hotel, however, are so overwhelmingly positive that they’re very nearly unanimous. As Yelpers and Facebook users will be glad to tell you, the Burgundy Hotel is well worth a stay. This unique hotel bills itself as Little Rock’s first boutique hotel, and they are maintaining a reputation for being one of the most unique and luxurious hotels in the Natural State. There isn’t anywhere in the world exactly like the Burgundy.

The Burgundy Hotel is located at 1501 Merrill Drive in Little Rock. Directions are here.

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