Most People Have Never Seen These 10 Photos Taken During WWII In Arkansas

You get a sense of true patriotism when looking at photos of Arkansas taken during the 1940s. There was an emotion of people all over the country embracing the spirit of the United States. Support for the brave troops sent to combat was enormously high. It’s a feeling that’s almost alien today in a society that’s constantly looking to divide instead of join together as a positive force of energy against attacks on what our country represents. Those who were raised a part of what we know now as the Greatest Generation worked hard to boost the morale of those who faced the horrors of war, and future generations will be proud to learn about how they lived.

It’s wonderful to know we live in a state that has always been known to put focus into our efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all rally together for one cause like people did in 1940s wartime? Leave a comment about whether or not society has changed when it’s come to what we do to support our troops or to support an American cause. The cultural landscape is definitely different these days–is it for better or worse?