Why Everyone In Arkansas Should Visit This One Tiny Town

Eureka Springs, Arkansas has a population of 2,095 and yet remains as one of Arkansas’s well known small towns, due to a unique culture that keeps the town slightly separate from the rest of the state–while still maintaining all of the charm of a cozy location situated in the Ozark Mountains. For such a small town, Eureka Springs likely has more activities for residents and visitors to participate in than any other tiny town in Arkansas! Check out all of the things you can do around this small town. Everything here is perfect for the family, or even if you’re just traveling with friends!

There are a lot of amazing small towns around Arkansas with a lot of charm, but Eureka Springs seems to capture the most imagination in such a small space. Not only does Eureka Springs get an abundant amount of media attention, but it seems to be the one town in the Natural State that’s been featured the most by Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Sound off, Arkansas. What else do you like about Eureka Springs? There’s a lot to do and so much to enjoy here!