This Amazing Time Lapse Video Shows Arkansas Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Life moves fast even in a state like Arkansas where so many residents enjoy every moment of living. Time flies, especially in this video by Ozark Aerial Photography featuring the town of Harrison throughout the seasons. The contrast in beauty of spring and summertime weather as opposed to the crisp coolness of fall and winter are especially interesting to watch.

YouTube/Ozark Aerial Photography

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Arkansas continues to look amazing as the months pass by so rapidly. Whether it’s four months or four seconds, residents of the Natural State are happy to live in the moment and take in the scenery.

Harrison is a lovely location to visit during any time of the year. With spring around the corner, the Natural State will also see its fair share of severe weather. This time lapse video of storm footage taken in Russellville was captured in September 2009 by Brian Emfinger. (Notice how the clouds take on interesting shapes.)

YouTube/Brian Emfinger

Emfinger also captured storm cloud footage in areas around Franklin County, Arkansas and shared it in this video. The timelapse work done here as well as in the video of Harrison are both amazingly done.

This footage of Arkansas takes you from winter to summer in a matter of minutes, but life in Arkansas is best experienced when taking it slow. It’s nice to have the seasons encapsulated in a moment of video, though—because you can share and explain a lot of beauty about the Natural State without having to take too much time.