10 Struggles Everyone In Arkansas Can Relate To

You’ve got your troubles? Someone in Arkansas can relate. The Natural State is usually a happy-go-lucky location with little of the big worries that plague towns in larger states. Sure, we don’t have to worry about exorbitant rent or a frighteningly high cost of living overall. That doesn’t mean that Arkansas doesn’t have its share of problems though. The struggle is real, America—just take a look at what Arkansas has to deal with:

Okay, so the Natural State doesn’t have the issues that New York or California has, but Arkansas residents still have a few struggles to work with. Thankfully there’s a strong spirit of perseverance around here that other states don’t have. You won’t find an Arkansan complaining too much about these issues, because the residents here are too happy with all of the benefits of living in such a great location.

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