This Creepy Ghost Town In Arkansas Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Now a recognized historic district in Arkansas within the location of the Buffalo National River, the abandoned zinc mining region of Rush in the Ozark Mountains once played a key role in modernizing and developing the area’s infrastructure. The empty houses and mining ruins are off-putting to many who are afraid of abandoned structures untouched by nature for years, but others find the ruins absolutely intriguing.

YouTube/Arkansas Parks & Tourism

The war years of 1914-1918 were a boom period for Rush. The town was Arkansas’s center of mining activity with zinc being the unearthed million dollar mineral. No other northwest Arkansas town could touch Rush’s productivity. Thirteen developed mines in the area were operated by ten mining companies.


The Rush Historic District is a very unique location in Arkansas. Out of the numerous mining locations around the Natural State from its boom period, only Rush has the actual surviving structures of mining activity. The town became immediately identifiable as a ghost town with its structures and ruins left whole and virtually untouched by time.


The district of Rush has structures, ruins and buildings that span all the way back from 1880 and date up to 1940. With so many years having passed the town by and nothing having changed, Rush is an incredible sight to see and a lovely location to photograph.