Here Are The 15 Richest Cities In Arkansas

Based on per capita income information collected from, you might have passed through some of the richest cities in Arkansas and didn’t even know it. It’s one thing to say “the wealthy live in northwest Arkansas because that’s where the big companies are”…but where exactly in NWA are these places? And what about the wealth in central Arkansas ? Where is it at? You might be surprised at who are the richest people in Arkansas.

Honorable mentions of Arkansas towns with high per capita income in 2013 go to Rogers ($26,442), Bryant ($26,443), Lowell ($24,988), Benton ($23,912), Cale ($23,505), and Fayetteville ($23,251). With this data posted and these things said, which towns do you see taking the places of these wealthy locations over the next decade? Or d you think it will all stay the same?