Here Are The 15 Poorest Cities In Arkansas

Now that it’s the time of year that we like to focus on need and giving, we should take a look at the Arkansas towns where residents might welcome a little extra help this year. When it comes to overall financial health, Arkansas ranks 48th out of the 50 US states in terms of wealth. Maybe we don’t have a lot to give, but Arkansans are well known for assisting neighbors in need. Based on per capita income data collected from 2000-2010 Census data (and not based on the reported percentage of residents living below poverty), these 15 towns are ranked as the least wealthy in the state.

Note that it’s been 15 years since U.S. Census data has been collected on many of these locations. How much has changed in these cities? Do they still deserve the distinction of the lowest income towns in Arkansas? What, if anything, has turned around the income in these areas? Leave a comment about these towns and what can and has been done to help.