9 Reasons Why Arkansas Is The Most Patriotic State In The Country

God bless America and God bless Arkansas! Once you’re anywhere within the Natural State, there’s absolutely no doubt that you are in the good old United States–and that’s just the way we like it.

Of course, this is not to say that Arkansas isn’t open to cultural diversity. (In, fact you’ll that see around here it’s just the opposite.) But people from all walks of life within Arkansas can agree that we’re definitely proud of our country. In the long run, the rest of the country will see. Donald Trump might talk a good game about “making America great again,” but Arkansas was already ten steps ahead of him in keeping this country so awesome!

We could go on all day, America–because Arkansas is just that awesome when it comes to being patriotic. God blessed the Natural State, and God bless the USA! Sound off in the comments about what, in your opinion, makes this great Natural State of ours one of the most patriotic in the country!