You Know You’re A True Arkansan When You Recognize These 10 Names

It’s funny, but a Little Rock native will correct you over something as simple as a mispronounced street name. Take winding, lengthy Cantrell Road, for example…you might overhear someone say “Oh, you mean CAN-truhl, right?” when an innocent out-of-towner dares to ask where “Can-TRELL” Road meets University Road in the capital city. It’s nothing personal, world. It’s just the way Arkansans are about pronunciation of places around here. However, even the staunchest Arkansan may have trouble recognizing the funny names of certain locations found across the state.

Traveling Arkansas gives you a better feel for some of the stranger names around the Natural State. Whether you can properly pronounce these locations or not, however, doesn’t have any bearing on how much enjoyment you’ll get out of visiting the towns!