Arkansans Are Still Haunted By The Ghastly Halloween Murders That Will Never Be Forgotten

On November 16th, 1987 John Markle killed his family and then took his own life. Although the murders didn’t happen on Halloween, there’s still some unnerving creepy connections to the holiday. The Markle Murders may have faded from recent memory but these horrific shootings will always haunt Arkansans. Before we delve into the gritty details be aware that this is not a happy story. If you’d rather read about delicious fried chicken hiding near abandoned ruins or a beautiful fall train ride to see the colors, here’s your chance to turn back now.



To read more details (and to see pictures of Markle and his horrid Halloween mask) read this news article.

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Just a short six weeks after the horrific Markle murders, this serial killer terrorized a small Arkansas town. But if you’ve had enough of these dark tales, take this chocolate-themed road trip for a much needed palate cleanser.