A Massive Ice Storm Froze Arkansas In 2000 And It Will Never Be Forgotten

The winter in Arkansas is really something else, we have had many a horrific ice storm that has shut down the entire state, bringing life as we know it in Arkansas to a grinding halt. These types of storms are rare, but always possible, and while many a winter has been incredibly mild, we must always stay on guard lest something extreme happen. Many bad storms have occurred and caused issues, but maybe none so much as the shutdowns causes by this massive ice storm! Wrap up with a blanket as we look back to the 2000 Arkansas ice storm.

What do you remember most about the horrific 2000 Arkansas ice storm? Do you think we’ll even have any snow this year? It’s so wild how some years Arkansas winters are as mild as ever, and others we have these horrendous types of ice storms. Do you do anything special to prepare for inclement weather? Arkansas is also home to a tornado alley if you didn’t know! So even in our warmest months, there is still the ever-present threat of extreme weather to prepare for!

If that was a bit too traumatic to scroll through, have a palate cleanser with these funny Arkansas memes that will have any local laughing. Perhaps you’re looking for more fun things to do in the warmer months, take a look at our list of summer day trips in Arkansas.

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Winter in Arkansas

December 12, 2022

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