There are places throughout our state where you can step back in time and walk through living history. These Arkansas locations have been preserved or painstakingly recreated to give visitors the feel of the old days and oftentimes offer fascinating learning experiences. Check out these historic towns in Arkansas that time never forgot!

Kids get a great educational experience when families take trips to these cool time-travel spots in Arkansas and the adults may pick up on a few new facts as well, so be sure to see these places when traveling the Natural State!

Here are more of the best historic sites in Arkansas if you enjoy exploring the past.

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Historic Towns In Arkansas

What are the best historic places in Arkansas to visit?

If you enjoyed these historic towns in Arkansas, you can explore more of the past when you visit one of the many historic places in the state. For history and beautiful natural scenery, visit the Louisana Purchase Historic State Park. Within the park, there is a marker pointing out where the Louisana Purchase survey began. You can see it on a super cool boardwalk trail that weaves through the bayou. If you're visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, you can't leave without stopping by the infamous school where nine African American students had to be escorted to school with a National Guard escort in 1957. It's called Central High School, and it's still a functioning school today as well as a National Historic Site. You can also check out the Little Rock Nine Monument in the city, with statues of each of the nine students and comments from them about their experience.

Which are the best small towns in Arkansas for a day trip?

Looking for more picturesque and lovely small towns to visit? Arkansas has plenty. For a quirky and unique town, check out Walnut Ridge. While it sounds pretty normal for a small town with a population of just 5,000, there is something special about it: the residents' love for The Beatles. You'll find an Abbey Road monument here and if you go in mid-September you might catch their annual Beatles At The Ridge festival. Jasper, Arkansas is special for an entirely different reason. This town is the gateway to the Buffalo River, and the scenery around it is gorgeous. The town itself is charming, too. It's tiny, with less than 500 residents, but many more people visit it for its access to the river and cute, welcoming atmosphere.

What unique historic sites in Arkansas are there?

If you fancy yourself a history buff and enjoy the more obscure, lesser-known history about Arkansas, here are a few historic sites you might be interested in. You can explore an abandoned zinc mining town on a convenient trail at the Rush Historic District. There are old buildings, mining equipment, and the abandoned mine itself. It's both eerie and fascinating to visit. It's no secret that Hot Springs, Arkansas is known for its (you guessed it) hot springs, and while they are still a big draw today, did you know that you can visit some of the historic bathhouses that fell out of favor? Some of them have been nicely preserved and still have the old, ornate baths. Additionally, Hot Springs was a hub for illegal gambling. You can learn more about that side of the town at the Gangster Museum of America.