The Strange Phenomenon In Arkansas That’s Peculiarly Bizarre

Who would have thought that an everyday Arkansas road would cause such a scene? There’s a certain location in Helena that will boggle your mind and make you take a closer look at a physics textbook to see if everything you’ve learned is accurate. Gravity Hill in Arkansas has become a well-known spot among locals who like to go and conduct their own experiments on vehicles, gravity, and the paranormal.


Sulphur Spring Road is located just halfway between Helena and West Helena, intersecting Highway 49. The road is referred to by residents as Gravity Hill for its peculiar feature of giving the illusion of having a car rolling uphill. This attraction is not heavily publicized. Many only find out about it through the experiences of others.


Drivers can find out about this weird effect for themselves by going north on Sulphur Spring Road, proceeding to the stop sign at Highway 49. As you come to a stop, it is said if you put your car in neutral you’ll start coasting backward for nearly 50 yards up to the hill’s crest. It’s a neat little illusion!

Of course, many believe it’s more than just an illusion, and believe there’s a paranormal element in play. Many years ago, a school bus carrying a group of high school kids crashed, killing everyone in the bus. Several locals believe that when your car is appearing to defy gravity, it’s actually the restless spirits of those that died in the crash, pushing your car to safety.

When visiting this area in Helena, please keep in mind this is a public road. Hazard lights should be used when attempting to create the illusion of rolling uphill. Drive safely and have fun with this strange phenomenon!

Have you ever driven down Gravity Hill in Arkansas and tested the theory for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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Gravity Hill in Arkansas

May 19, 2020

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