10 Maps Of Arkansas That Are Just Too Perfect (And Hilarious)

Arkansas is a pretty self-aware state for the most part, but how aware of Arkansas is the rest of America? These maps give us a humorously good idea of how the U.S. sees the Natural State. Thanks to websites that have culled data from the Internet and other sources, America now has culture-based cartography. You can agree or disagree with these maps, but one thing is sure: America definitely has an opinion on what’s going on in Arkansas.

If you want to see how the rest of America ranks culturally, check out the sites that feature these maps! Many thanks to Time.com, BoredPanda, NobleWorksCards.com, JoyReactor.com, HackingNetflix.com, Estately.com, and Upworthy.com for putting together the best (and worst) of the U.S. in visual form! How do you feel about these unique maps of the Natural State? Leave a comment about what great and not-so-great things put Arkansas on the map.

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