This Epic Mountain In Arkansas Will Drop Your Jaw

Situated in the middle of the scenic Ozark National Forest just south of Paris, Arkansas is Mount Magazine (also commonly known as Magazine Mountain), a flat-topped plateau that has amazing natural features such as rock cliffs that reach to dizzying heights. Speaking of heights, Mount Magazine has two peaks atop its plateau; Mossback Ridge reaches 2,700 feet and Signal Hill is considered to be the tallest point in the state of Arkansas.

(YouTube/Arkansas State Parks)

The name of the mountain originates from a landslide that happened at a time when French explorers were hiking in the area. One of the Frenchmen claimed the roar of the landslide was loud and fearsome, comparing it to the sound of an exploding ammunition magazine. The name “Magazine” stayed with the mountain as a result. Officially the Geographic Names Index System has the area listed as “Magazine Mountain.” Arkansas State Parks and many locals, however, refer to it as “Mount Magazine.”

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Atop the mountain is the popular Mount Magazine State Park, which features the Lodge at Mount Magazine, a beautiful resort lodge with rooms that have amazing views of Blue Mountain Lake and the Petit Jean River Valley. You’ll want to hike the park’s trails if you’re a nature enthusiast.

(YouTube/Arkansas State Parks)

Many Natural State natives are familiar with the trails on Mount Magazine and have vivid memories about the sweeping views of the Ouachita Mountains that can be seen while making their way to the summit. Where would you say the best views on the mountain are, Arkanasas? What’s the best time of year for you to visit? Leave a comment and share how much you love taking a trip to one of Arkansas’s best known mountains!