What This Drone Footage Caught In Arkansas Will Drop Your Jaw

The topic of using drones to capture images on film is a rather controversial one in Arkansas. There’s no doubt, however, that what’s caught on camera is truly stunning. Technology has allowed us to look at the Natural State in a very unique way, and this drone footage taken around Arkansas is definitely worth viewing.

The beautiful city of Greenwood, Arkansas looks even better when you see it from a bird’s eye view. This shot of the downtown area was taken and shared by Gary Norman.

Arkansas Snow:

YouTuber Josh Vinson caught this footage of last year’s Arkansas snowstorm, showing the beauty of an Arkansas winter when seen far above the ground.

YouTube/Josh Vinson

Spring Lake:

This drone footage of Spring Lake, located in the Arkansas River Valley (on the west side of the Ozark National Forest) was taken and shared just days ago.


North Little Rock:

This exciting aerial footage of North Little Rock’s more scenic locations was taken last year by DJI Phantom. This is a pretty unique view of town.

YouTube/DJI Phantom


This drone video shot by Brian Emfinger went viral in April 2014 after the tornado that hit and damaged the Mayflower and Vilonia area made national news.

YouTube/Brian Emfinger

May 2015 Flood:

Adam Davis shared this dramatic drone footage of Spring River and Mammoth Spring, Arkansas flooding during May 2015. This footage is incredibly cinematic.

YouTube/Adam Davis

Two Rivers Park:

This very scenic aerial footage of Two Rivers Park, located in the capital city of Little Rock, was captured on camera last spring.

YouTube/DJI Phantom

White Rock Mountain:

An X900 tricopter drone flew over White Rock Mountain in Winslow and caught this amazing footage. It’s absolutely beautiful.


Ozark Mountains:

The pros at Ozark Drones give us just a little taste of their amazing work in this teaser video of drone footage taken over the Ozark Mountains.

YouTube/Ozark Drones

Haw Creek and Big Piney Creek:

The lovely fall colors of Arkansas were captured by Brian Emfinger via drone footage. Haw Creek and Big Piney Creek are featured in this beauty of a video.

YouTube/Brian Emfinger

No matter what your stance is on the use of drones in Arkansas, this footage definitely gives us all a different and fresh look on a variety of places in the Natural State. Which is your favorite? What mountains, lakes, or rivers in Arkansas would you like to see get the drone treatment? Share your thoughts!