5 Most Likely Ways Arkansas Will Be Wiped Off The Map

As we get closer to Halloween some of us (like me) start to think a little more morbid. Maybe it’s all the big-budget disaster movies getting me thinking, but those films are always focused on coastal states and larger towns like New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Still, who are we to say “it could never happen here”? Arkansas has a few natural disasters to be wary of as well…and just to be a little more paranoid, who’s having a close look at what exactly we have here in the Natural State that could be helpful to us or harmful to anyone else?

Yes, yes, it’s all morbid thinking…but hey, the world’s always been a crazy place and strange things happen all the time. Now if only I had the resources to become a survivalist, I’d be getting somewhere. Sound off in the comments – if anything could knock a sizable hole (yes, even a meteor shower) in Arkansas and severely or even permanently damage the state, what would it be?