This Is The Single Craziest Thing You Never Knew Happened In Arkansas

Something strange was going on with cows all around Arkansas during the summer of ’79. Farmers from various locations began reporting unusual cattle mutilations. The story was not new to the state, though. Just two years before in the autumn of 1977 there were sporadic accounts of cows being found dead and butchered by unknown means. From June to September of 1979, however, the killings increased and sparked a media frenzy. Every unusual cattle death was reported in local newspapers, and Arkansas authorities took a closer look at what was going on.

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YouTube/Rick O’Kelley

Before the summer began, investigators discovered that drugs including mescaline and PCP were detected in the blood of cows who appeared to be killed in a ritual. Investigators also determined that the deaths all happened near water. The mutilations before and after that summer were said to have been conducted with expert medical precision, much like that of a surgeon. Very little blood evidence was able to be collected at the crime scenes, which was highly unusual for such gruesome killings. Arkansas residents and even some authorities began to speculate about Satanic worship and aliens being involved with these strange cases.

By October of 1979, the theories about alien visitors and Satanic ritual killings were debunked by local investigators. An experiment had been conducted a month before and a cow was put to death by tranquilizers in a location much like where the cattle mutilations took place. The carcass was kept under surveillance for eighteen hours. By noon the following day, flies and buzzards had eaten away the soft tissue of the carcass, and its state was very similar to that of the mutilated cattle found in the months prior to the experiment.

The most plausible explanation behind the dead cattle would be severe weather. Lightning, to be more specific, strikes and kills a cow standing near water. The body is cauterized as a result, and scavenger insects and birds would be responsible for eating away the soft flesh with natural precision. The drugs found in what little blood evidence was taken can be explained, too. Phencyclidine (PCP) is a common cattle tranquilizer that would be used in the event of severe weather. The chemical compounds in mescaline are resembled in nature, and it’s not unusual for a grazing cow to eat mushrooms. Thankfully there’s a less disturbing explanation for these strange situations.