You Might Spot A Celebrity In These 7 Arkansas Places

Okay, so you’re no paparazzi, but what do you do when you see a famous person in your hometown? Are you the star-struck type who babbles out compliments and poses for a selfie? Are you the cool and collected type that glances in the celebrities direction and then back to your business as if it’s no big thing? Arkansas has had its share of celebrities pass through and check out all the Natural State has to offer. From Brad Pitt to Reese Witherspoon to Arkie native Billy Bob Thornton, you’ve got a pretty good shot at seeing someone famous around here!

There are still many more places and opportunities to meet someone famous in the Natural State. Numerous conventions and fairs feature nationally-known names. Bookstores often feature book-signings that often turn into comfortable meet and greets. Get out around Arkansas and have a few conversations – you’ll find out where someone famous will be soon enough!

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