These 17 Towns In Arkansas Have The Best Main Streets You Gotta Visit

Whether it’s an actual Main Street or one of the town’s major thoroughfares, Arkansas has a lot of charming downtown areas. Many of these locations have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and have undergone a number of improvements over the past few years. New stores, boutiques and restaurants are on the horizon for a lot of these wonderful business districts and main streets across the Natural State. These towns are a great example of what Arkansas has to offer when it comes to quaint and unique main streets and downtown areas (Note: I’m focusing on up and coming downtown districts here; yes, Little Rock and Hot Springs and Eureka Springs are all awesome – so are these places).

So many other little towns around Arkansas have main streets and main thoroughfares that are so fun to visit. My grandparents were Lonoke folks, and it’s always a good time to go back through town and point out buildings that used to be video stores that are now consignment boutiques. The nostalgia is almost overwhelming. Tell what you like about the downtown areas and main streets in your Arkansas town in the comments.