Wow! Here Are The 10 Most Beautiful People From Arkansas

Hey, let’s brag a little bit, Arkansas…we have some good looking people walking around town and out driving on the highways (hopefully not bringing traffic to a complete stop). We’ve had a lot of heartbreakers impact history as well – Donna Axum of El Dorado won Miss America in 1964, and former Miss Arkansas 1982 Terri Utley went on to win the Miss USA crown. Let’s not forget the legendary Natural State native Johnny Cash’s uniquely rugged handsome looks that swept his wife June off her feet or beautiful musician Amy Lee, who was raised in Little Rock, bringing a feminine side back to 21st-century hard rock music while wowing concertgoers with her looks. It’s hard to narrow the list of gorgeous Arkansans down to 10, but these people have actually made it to the level of the Beautiful People – they’re famous!

All right, so there’s so many more gorgeous people from Arkansas – we know this, of course! What other Arkansans completely wow you with their looks? Sound off in the comments about the Natural State’s natives who are easy on the eyes!