12 Amazing Things People In Arkansas Just Can’t Live Without

Arkansas residents are tough. There’s a lot that we can do without when it’s important. Then again, there are some things that we Arkansans have gotten so used to that it’d take everything in anyone’s power to make us forget what we love so much about the Natural State. This rundown of a dozen key items is definitely a life necessity for Arkansans.

Now that we know what we can’t live without when it comes to Araknsas, we should think of the way things would be if we were ever to lose our 21st century techniques. We’d have to revert to the “timing and luck” method of baking. High school students wouldn’t have anything to rally behind unless there’s a definitive campus team with a mascot. How boring would life be without our great prices, our awesome scenery, and our fun festivals? I definitely couldn’t last very long without many of the luxuries Arkansas provides – sound off in the comments about how you feel!

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