17 Things You Need To Consider If You’re Thinking About Leaving Arkansas

Arkansas has a pretty good retention rate. Most people who grow up here stay here. But what happens if you decide to cross those state lines and set up house in a place that is decidedly not Arkansas? Well, we have a hunch you’d have a long list of things that you’d miss terribly, even if you mostly like your new home. We don’t just mean your friends and family, either. We mean the whole Arkansas experience. So before you decide to take the plunge and move to Texas or Toledo or Timbuktu, check out this list and ask yourself if they have white cheese dip in Timbuktu. This list is also a good cultural primer for those just visiting far and distant lands. No need to confuse the patroness of that B&B in Vermont about the difference between dinner and supper.

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If you want to prevent your out-of-town friends and family from making classic mistakes during their trip to Arkansas, send them this list.