Most people don’t associate winter with hiking, but we Arizonans are a different breed. From the snow-covered rock walls of the Grand Canyon to panoramic sunset views from atop Camelback Mountain, here are the nine best winter hikes in Arizona! Planning on doing some hiking in Arizona in December? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Check them out!

So, there you have it: nine of the all-time best hiking trails in Arizona to embark upon during the winter. After all, what better time of year to do so? Temperatures are mild (if not chilly, depending on where you end up), and even the snowy areas aren’t as out-of-control as you might think at this time of year. Dress warm and enjoy!

How many of these winter hiking trails in AZ have you hiked during wintertime? Did we leave off any of your favorites? Do you have any plans for hiking in Arizona in December this year? Let us know!

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Hiking In Arizona In December

  1. Where should I go hiking in Arizona in December?  

There are plenty of options for hiking in Arizona in December. The best part about Arizona winters is that they tend to be mild, even in the snowiest of regions. Some of the best hiking trails to do in Arizona in December are:  


2. What are some of the best winter hikes in Arizona?  

The list of best winter hikes in Arizona doesn’t simply end with the above-mentioned ideas; there are plenty more that you’re sure to love. Other excellent winter hikes in AZ include: 


3. Which winter hikes in Arizona should I add to my hiking bucket list? 

Some of the winter hikes in Arizona are SO amazing that they belong on the ol’ bucket list. Some of the ultimate winter bucket list hikes in Arizona are:  

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