This Tiny Arizona Town Is Home To One Of The State’s Little Known Natural Wonders

The Navajo Nation spans more than 17 million acres, covering three U.S. states (Arizona, Utah and New Mexico). Most Arizonans know this much; just as most know the headquarters for the Navajo Nation Council and Supreme Court are also located right here in Arizona. But not everyone knows that right in the middle of the Navajo governmental campus is a little-known natural wonder that is a sacred spot for traditional Navajo medicine men.

Arizona’s unique landscape is filled with gawk-worthy natural wonders, and this one belongs on that bucket list. Not only is the hole in Window Rock a geographic anomaly, but it holds much history.

Window Rock Tribal Park and Veterans Memorial is located in Window Rock, Arizona. The city of Window Rock is located approximately three hours east of Flagstaff on AZ-264.