The Clearest Lake In Arizona, Roosevelt Lake, Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

Arizona has many pretty lakes, but Roosevelt Lake may be the most beautiful. Nestled in the Tonto Basin between three mountain ranges, it’s picture-perfect. The lake’s crystal clear water invites you in and inspires you to explore.

At 22 miles long, it is the largest lake located completely within the boundaries of the state. This scenic body of water is actually a reservoir for the Theodore Roosevelt Dam. Recreational choices include camping, fishing, boating, hiking, and relaxing. You will find it along Route 188 in Gila County, and it is a perfect getaway.


While there are no fees to visit the lake, there are fees and passes available for boat launching and camping. Check the National Parks Service page for Roosevelt Lake for more information.

Pack up your gear and gather your crew. Let Roosevelt Lake be the setting for your wonderful day or weekend. Also, be sure to share your photos and experiences. We want to know how much fun you have!




Address: Theodore Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, USA