7 Lesser-Known State Parks In Arizona That Will Absolutely Amaze You

If you’re like most Arizonans, you’re always in awe of this great state. From the weather to the quality of life and the gorgeous views – plus all of the fun things to discover – we really do have it all in the Copper State. And with so much to discover, it can be an easy misstep to overlook the underrated places all around us. Here are seven lesser-known state parks found throughout Arizona that are worth a visit. Check ’em out, if you haven’t already!

How many of these have you already explored? We’d love to know – and to see your pics! Post them in the comments! We love hearing from you and about your adventures.

Sometimes it may seem the amazing national parks found in Arizona perhaps overshadow our own state parks. But that simply isn’t true. Check out one of the most popular state parks that is just so perfectly Arizona it gives us goosebumps! Read all about it here.

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State Parks to Visit in Arizona

January 12, 2022

What are some cool, lesser-known state parks in Arizona?  

Arizona is most famous for one particular park: Grand Canyon National Park. But did you know it’s also home to more than 30 state parks, many of which seem to be underappreciated? It’s true! For example, there’s a beautiful state park with a gorgeous lake called Lake Alamo State Park, and it’s easily one of the Copper State’s most underrated treasures. For just $10 for a day pass, you can explore everything this amazing park has to offer. There’s also Picacho Peak State Park, where the one and only battle of the Civil War was fought in Arizona – and Picacho Peak is a strange, but interesting, sight. Dead Horse Ranch State Park, in Cottonwood, is fascinating, especially if you’re a fan of Arizona’s mining history. Then there’s Buckskin Mountain State Park, Oracle State Park, Cattail Cove State Park… the list goes on! To learn more about these and then some, check out this article for ten of them 

What are the most popular hiking trails in Arizona?  

Arizona is one of those states where the hiking is beyond amazing. It’s pretty hard to find a trail that ISN’T amazing, and we’re guilty of favoring some over others ourselves. Those tend to be the same ones loads of folks really, really love, like the world-famous Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon National Park. It’s a journey into the Grand Canyon like you’ve never seen before, and it’s trekked by millions of visitors every year. Hike Antelope Canyon for some of the most picturesque views you’ll ever see – Antelope Canyon is an absolutely amazing treasure (and only accessible by lottery!). Speaking of rare hikes only accessible by lottery, while up near Antelope Canyon, check out The Wave as well. Both are nearby Page, and both are well worth the journeys. Sedona is also filled to the brim with world-famous hikes and incredible red rock views.  


OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.