From its jaw-dropping desert landscapes to its intensely beautiful forests, prairies, and other settings, Arizona is one of the best places to visit (or live) in the United States. It’s chock-full of unique restaurants, amazingly informative museums and exhibits, to-die-for natural wonders, and lots of must-see small towns, too. Arizona is smack-dab in the middle of the stunningly beautiful Sonoran Desert (as well as some bits of the Mohave), and it’s something of an ambassador for the other southwestern states in terms of jam-packed delights.

When deciding to explore Arizona, a lot of the same places and things will come up. Yes, the Copper State is home to the amazing Grand Canyon, but there’s so much more to it than that. There are more small towns to visit other than the most popularly cited ones like Sedona. One such small town is the little town of Bisbee, a delightfully strange but totally artsy small town in Arizona nestled within the Mule Mountains in the southernmost region of the state. It’s been named the best town in Arizona by a few sources, and we might just be inclined to agree. Northern Arizona better watch its back: southern Arizona is an awesome up-and-comer for amazing vacation destinations in the United States. It is for this reason that we’ve selected Bisbee as part of our awesome series about Small Town Getaways in the US. Come out and see what little Bisbee is all about!

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Truly Bisbee, Arizona is a town worth visiting and staying a while. Given its interesting mining history, countless unique shops, one-of-a-kind galleries, potential hauntings, historic hotels, and more, it’s a miracle that this little town isn’t busier at any given time.

If peace and quiet combined with plenty to do is what you’re after, you can’t beat a trip out to Bisbee. This little Arizona mining town might be significantly smaller than it was at its peak, but it’s still going strong – thanks in part to the amazing visitors it sees each year (that means YOU!).

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Things To Do in Bisbee Arizona

What is Bisbee, Arizona most known for?

Bisbee, Arizona is a small mountain town known for its lengthy mining history. Interestingly, it was once one of the richest mineral sites in the world, producing around three million ounces of gold, eight billion pounds of copper, and plenty of zinc, silver, and lead. Soon enough, the town was booming and it had become the largest city in the entire territory. It remained an active mining community until the 1970s when the mines ceased operations for good. As mining families departed, artists began arriving - and today, the town might be small, but it's mighty. It's home to countless artists, artisans, and foodies, and it's often called the best small town in Arizona.

How do I spend a day in Bisbee, Arizona? 

Spending a day in Bisbee, Arizona is quite easy, especially if you know what to do and where to go. Some of the must-do things to do in Bisbee AZ include:

  • Tour the Copper Queen Mine - This is THE mine that made Bisbee, and though it closed it's not closed; you can tour the mine to this day, and the adventure is truly fun and rewarding.
  • Visit the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum - History buffs will love this one. Supplement the knowledge you acquired from the mine tours with the knowledge you'll acquire here, or start your adventure here! Either way, it's an interesting trip back in time.
  • Check out Main and Erie Streets - Main Street is the place to be, with shops, galleries, and eateries galore. It's an absolute must - after all, it's the soul of Bisbee. Erie Street is fascinating because it's what's left of a ghost town called Lowell, which has now been incorporated into Bisbee.
  • Check out the Lavender Pit - This 900+ foot deep open pit mine once yielded some of the finest copper in the world. Now, it just looks really cool.


Bisbee is one of the best places to visit in Arizona, for so many reasons. You won't regret a trip out - and you might even want to stay longer.