Spend The Night In A Navajo Hogan At This Rustic Campground In Arizona

Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona is one-of-a-kind in so many ways. From the majestic natural attraction known as Spider Rock to the fact that this is the only national park that is owned by the Navajo nation and jointly managed with the National Park Service, the park is must-visit in Arizona. The area is also considered among the longest continuously inhabited land in the nation. The canyons here home to many Navajo families, and visiting the floors of the canyons requires an accompanying guide – either a national park ranger, or an approved Navajo guide.

However staying in this little campground, which is just steps outside the park, is much less complicated. And here, you can either stay in a tent, bring your camper, or choose to have a more authentic Navajo experience in one of the campground’s rustic Navajo hogans. Which one is more your style?

Please note, Canyon de Chelly National Monument is temporarily closed.

Spider Rock Campground is only steps outside of the Chelly de Canyon National Monument. The address is Navajo Highway 7, Chinle, AZ 86503. The best way to reserve a site or get questions answered is to contact the campground via email. You can also learn more by exploring their official website.

Inside Chelly de Canyon National Monument there is one self-guided hike that does not require a guide. The hike is free and begins at the White House Overlook on the South Rim. It drops 600 feet down into the canyon. Restrooms are located at the bottom of the trail. No pets are allowed. Ranger led hikes into the canyon floor are available Memorial Day through Labor Day and are free. You can get more info on those at the Welcome Center. Learn more on the official website of the National Park Service.